Teatrografia – Parte seconda – 1925-1930


  • 13 January
    • Shall We Join the Ladies? by James M. Barrie
      Charles Frohman (Producer); Frank Reicher (Director )

      Empire Theatre, New York
      Cast: Grace Ade (Miss Isit); Maud Andrew (Miss Valie); Ilka Chase (Mrs. Castro); Shirley Gale (Lady Wrathie); Denis Gurney (Mr. Gourlay); Mary Heberden (Lucy (the Maid)); Leslie Howard (Mr. Preen); A. P. Kaye (Sam Smith); Margaret Lawrence (Lady Jane Raye); Vera Fuller Mellish (Mrs. Bland); Henry Mowbray (Captain Jennings); Robert Noble (Dolphin); Harry Plimmer (Sir Joseph Wrathie); Jane Saville (Mrs. Preen); George Short (Policeman); Lyonel Watts (Mr. Valie)

      Shall We Join the Ladies

      Lyonel Watts, Edna May Oliver and Leslie Howard in
      Shall We Join the Ladies?

    • Isabel by Curt Goetz
      Charles Frohman (Producer); Frank Reicher (Director)
      Empire Theatre, New York
      Cast: Leslie Howard (Peter Graham); A. P. Kaye (Miteby); Margaret Lawrence (Isabel); Edna May Oliver (Aunt Olivia);  Lyonel Watts (Prof. Wilton Shawle)
      source: The New York Times, January 14, 1925
  • 15 September
    The Green Hat  by Michael Arlen
    A.H. Woods (Producer); Guthrie McClintic (Director)
    Broadhurst Theatre, New York
    Cast: Gordon Ash (Hilary Townshend); Harry Barfoot (Truble); John Buckler (An English Reporter); Katharine Cornell (Iris Fenwick); Florence Foster (Madelaine); Margalo Gillmore (Venice Pollen); Gwyneth Gordon (Sister Virginia); Paul Guilfoyle (Gerald Havele March); Leslie Howard (Napier Harpenden); A. P. Kaye (Dr. Conrad Masters); Harry Lillford (Turner); Antoinette Parr (A Lady’s Maid); Eugene Powers (Major General Sir Maurice Harpenden); John Redmond (Lord De Travest); Gustave Rolland (Manager of the Hotel Vendome); Jane Saville (A Lady); Anne Tonetti (Sister Clothilde)
    source: The New York Times, September 16, 1925
Leslie Howard in The Green Hat, 1925

Leslie Howard and Katharine Cornell in The Green Hat


  • 27 July
    The Way You Look at It by the 3rd Earl of Lathom [Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham]
    J.B. Fagan (producer)
    Queen’s Theatre, London
    Cast: Tom Nesbitt (Tony Jardine), Reginald Snith (Mears), Martita Huunt (Jill Rendon), Leslie Howard  (Bobby Rendon), Isabel Jeans (Sibyl Risley) , Edna Best (Joan Merrow), Alan Webb (First Waiter), Edmund Gordon (Second Waiter), Veronica Turleigh (A Flower Seller)
    source: The Times, July 28, 1926

    The Way You Look at It

    Edna Best and Leslie Howard in The Way You Look at It

  • 20 December 
    Mayfair, by St. Clair Scott and Caswell Garth
    produced by George C. Tyler and Basil Dean
    Broad Street Theatre, Newark – opening of the tryout tour: dhe play did not open in New York
    Cast: Estelle Winwood, Leslie Howard, Margaret Lawrence, David Hawthorne


  • 21 March
    Her Cardboard Lover by  Jacques Deval (original title: Dans sa candeur naïve), adapted and translated by Valerie Wyngate and P.G. Wodehouse
    A.H. Woods  (Producer); Gilbert Miller (Producer & Director)
    Empire Theatre, New York
    Cast: Jeanne Eagels (Simone); Charles Esdale (A Croupier); Leslie Howard (Andre Sallicel); Arthur Lewis (Charly); Stanley Logan (Tony Lagorce); Terence Neill (Paul Guisard); Ernest Stallard (Monsieur Bonnavant); Henry Vincent (Cloak Room Attendant); Valerie Wyngate (Albine)
    source: The New York Times, March 22, 1927

    Leslie Howard in Her Cardboard Lover

    Leslie Howard and Jeanne Eagels in
    Her Cardboard Lover

  • 29 September
    Murray Hill by Leslie Howard
    Lee and J.J. Shubert (Producers)
    Bijou Theatre, New York
    Cast: Glenn Anders (WorthingtonSmythe); John Brewer (George Appleway);FlorenceEdney (May Tweedie); Gaby Fay (Elizabeth Tweedie); Leslie Howard (Wrigley); Harry Lillford (Van); Genevieve Tobin (Amelia Tweedie);AliceMay Tuck (Mrs. Cass)
    source: The New York Times, September 30, 1927

Murray Hill, commedia di Leslie Howard

  • 26  October
    Escape by John Galsworthy
    Winthrop Ames (Producer & Director)
    Booth Theatre, New York
    Cast: A. B. I. Imeson (The Policeman; The Warder); St. Clair Bayfield (The Laborer; The Captain); F. Cecil Butler (The Other Policeman; The Other Laborer); Henrietta Goodwin (The Girl of the Town); Laurence Hanray (The Old Gentleman; The Farmer; The Fellow Convict); Lois Heatherley (Miss Grace); Leslie Howard (Matt Denant); Frieda Inescort (The Shingled Lady); Geraldine Kay (The Little Girl); Edgar B. Kent (The Other Warder; The Plain Clothes Man; The Dartmoor Constable); Lily Kerr (Wife of Shopkeeper); Renee Macredy (Miss Dora); Cyrena Smith (The Maid); Viva Tattersall (Wife of Man in Plus Fours); Austin Trevor (The Parson); Alan Trotter (The Bellringer; The Man in Plus Fours); Ruth Vivian (SIster of Shopkeeper); J. P. Wilson (The Shopkeeper)
    source: The New York Times, November 6, 1927

Leslie Howard in Escape, 1927


  • 18 June
    Tell Me the Truth, a comedy in three acts by Leslie Howard
    directed by Leslie Howard
    Ambassadors’ Theatre, London
    Cast:  Stephen Adeson (Vane); Clare Greet (Mrs. Cass); Florence Le Clerq (May Tweedle);  Iris Hoey (Elizabeth Tweedle);  Morton Selten (George Appleway); Edna Davies (Amelia Tweedle); Rupert Lucas (Worthington Smythe); Hugh Dempster (Wrigley)
    source:  The Times, June 19, 1928
  • 21 August
    Her Cardboard Lover  by  Jacques Deval (original title: Dans sa candeur naïve), adapted and translated by Valerie Wyngate and P.G. Wodehouse
    Gilbert Miller  (Director); Leslie Howard (Producer)
    Lyric Theatre, London
    Cast: Barbara Tallerman (A Lady); Phillip Clawes (A Gentleman); Herman de Lange (Monsieur Bonnavant); Edward Mervyn (Charly); Robert Newton (Paul Guisard); Leslie Howard (André Sallicel); Arthur Hammond (A Croupier); Tallulah Bankehead (Simone); Jack Melford (Tony Lagorce); Tom Woods (Cloak Room Attendant); Elizabeth Arkell (Albine)
    source: The Times, August 22, 1928
Leslie Howard in Her Cardboard Lover, Londra, 1928

Leslie Howard and Tallulah Bankhead in Her Cardboard Lover


  • 6 March
    Berkeley Square di John L. Balderston
    Gilbert Miller and Leslie Howard producers (in collaboration with J.C.  Squire)
    Lyric Theatre, London
    Cast:  Lawrence Hanray (Mr. Throstle), Jean Forbes Robertson (Helen Pettigrew), Marjorie Gabain (Lady Anne Pettigrew), Brian Gilmour (Tom Pettigrew), Irene Howard (Miss Sinclair), Leslie Howard (Peter Standish), Marie Lohr (the Duchess of Devonshire), Juliet Mansel (Miss Barrymore), H.O. Nicholson (The Ambassador), Nancy Pawley (Maid), Gladys Rogers (Marjorie Frant), Frances Ruttledge (Mrs. Barwick; Lady Sinclair), Elliot Seabrooke (Major Clinton), J. Smith Wright (Lord Stanley), Valerie Taylor (Kate Pettigrew), Tom Woods (H.R.H. the Duke of Cumberland, K.G.)
    source: The Times, March 7, 1929
Leslie Howard in Berkeley Square, Londra, 1929

Leslie Howard and Jean Forbes-Robertson in Berkeley Square

  • 30 September
    Candle Light by Siegfried Geyer, book adaptation by P.G. Wodehouse
    Gilbert Miller (Producer & Director)
    Empire Theatre, New York
    Cast: Jack Carlton (Koeppke); Robert English (Baron Von Rischenheim); Leslie Howard (Josef); Gertrude Lawrence (Marie); Reginald Owen (Prince Rudolf Haseldorf-Schlobitten); Ralph Roberts (A Waiter); Betty Schuster (Baroness Von Rischenheim); Rita Vale (Liserl)
    source: New York Times, October 1, 1929
  • 4 November
    Berkeley Square by John L. Balderston
    Leslie Howard (Producer & Director); Gilbert Miller (Producer & Director); Helen Pons Studio (Costume Design); B. J. Simmons & Co. (Costume Design)
    Lyceum Theatre, New York
    Cast: Lucy Beaumont (Mrs. Barwick); June English (Miss Barrymore); Ann Freshman (Marjorie Frant); Margalo Gillmore (Helen Pettigrew); Brian Gilmour (Tom Pettigrew); Robert Greig (H. R. H. The Duke of Cumberland); Irene Howard (Maid); Leslie Howard (Peter Standish); Alice John (The Lady Anne Pettigrew); Tarver Penna (Mr. Throstle); Louise Prussing (The Duchess of Devonshire); Charles Romano (Major Clinton); Valerie Taylor (Kate Pettigrew); Henry Warwick (Lord Stanley); Fritz Williams (The Ambassador)
    source: The New York Times, November 5, 1929


  • 8 February
    Out of A Blue Sky, adapted by Leslie Howard from Hans Chlumber’s Das Blau von Himmel
    Tom Van Dycke (Producer); Leslie Howard (Director)
    Booth Theatre, New York
    Cast: Tanya Amazar (Sonia Lanser); Lee Crowe (Lewis Leitner); William Gargan (Play Reader); Joan Graham (Ellie); Willa Grey (Lottie); William Haskell (Alexander Sonnholz); Benjamin Kamsler (Paul); Martin Noble (Joe); Reginald Owen (Dr. Friedrich Neumann); J. Gibbs Penrose (Irate Spectator); Gregory Ratoff (Stage Director); Earl Redding (Electrician); Otis Sheridan (Property Man); Eleanor Terry (Jessica Wenderoth); Warren William (Paul Rana); Katherine Wilson (Gabriela Neumann); Stanley Wood (Treasurer); Tammany Young (Stage Manager)
    source: The New York Times, February 10, 1930