Primi film / First Movies

The Heroine of Mons

Dorotht Bellow

Dorothy Bellow

Director: Wilfred Noy (Leslie’s  uncle)
Starring: Dorothy Bellew
Other Cast Members: Leslie Howard, Bert Wynne

Black and White
Released: October  1914
Production: Clarendon

A Belgian girl’s heroism saves the city

The Heroine of Mons, Advertisement 1The Heroine of Mons, Advertisement2

The Happy Warrior

Director: F. Martin Thornton
From a novel by A.S.M. Hutchinson
Starring:  James Knight, Joan Legge and Minna Grey

James Knight :  The Happy Warrior
Joan Legge: Audrey Oxford
Minna Grey:  Maggie Oxford
Harry Lorraine: Foxy
Sydney Lewis Ransome:  Jaffra
Leslie Howard: Rollo
H. Agar Lyons: Lord Burdon
Roy Byford :  Latham
Jeff Barlow: Amber
Winifred Evans: Lady Burdon
Evelyn Boucher :   Dora

Black and White
Production: Harma Photoplay
August 1917

A postmistress adopts an heir who becomes a boxer and rejects the title when he finds his friend is a usurper
James Knight 
Minna Grey

James Knight, Minna Grey

The Lackey and the Lady

Director: Thomas Bentley
From a novel by Tom Gallon
Starring: Odette Goimbault, Leslie Howard and Roy Travers

Odette Goimbault
Leslie Howard: Tony Dunciman
Roy Travers
Alban Atwood: Mr. Dunciman
A.E. Matthews
Violet Graham
F. Pope-Stamper: Garrett Woodruffe
Adelaide Grace
Jeff Barlow
Gladys Foyle
Athol Ford
Production: British Actors

 Alban Atwood

Odette Goimbault, Alban Atwood

Roy Travers A.E. Matthews

Roy Travers, A.E. Matthews

The Lackey and the Lady

Scene from The Lackey and The Lady

Release: January, 1919

A rich banker’s eldest daughter marries her servant

Producer  Thomas Bentley brought a slander case against the renter H. J.  Boam of the Phillips Film Company.  Boam had been critical of the standard of production of Bentley’s The Lackey and the Lady (1919), which had been based upon a story by Tom Gallon. Tom Gallon’s sister, Nellie,  had been responsible for selling the rights for The Lackey and the Lady to the British Actors Film Company for whom Bentley was directing. She had approved of the scenario and had no complaints of the finished film. (The Times, 4 February 1919, p. 5). Bentley won the case but such publicity was not beneficial to his reputation (History of the British Film 1918-1929, p. 145).