Leslie is always in our hearts – and a few words from Berkeley Square

Well, Leslie is the star of the month on TCM. I’m always happy when somebody remembers what an extraordinary man Leslie Howard was. I know, I am partial to him, but I’m really convinced he deserves much more attention than they usually give him. Because he is almost ignored, at present.

We miss him. We miss his smile, his kindness, his shyness, his humour, his soft voice. But he is still with us, he will always be with us.

Helen:No sad thoughts, now, my Peter. We two alone have been chosen for this wonder out of all the millions of lovers since time began. Our love is against nature, you said, and so it can’t be real; but it is real, more real, Peter, than if you had been born in my world, or I in yours, because… it is a miracle. Think of what has been given us, not of what is taken away!

Peter: Nothing can be taken away; that we have come together at all, doesn’t that prove that we weren’t meant to lose each other?

Helen: Yes, yes, and we shall be together always, Peter. Not in my time, nor in yours, but in God’s.

(Berkeley Square)

Leslie Howard in Berkeley Square