An Interview of 1934

This is an article about Leslie Howard published on March 1934 issue of Photoplay, a popular fan magazine. The story of Leslie’s lucky coin have several slightly different versions in the many interviews and articles published on movie magazines during the 30s. The golden coin (a guinea or a sovereign), according to these stories, was a gift he had received from his wife, and he always wore it on a chain around his neck.  I don’t know if these stories are telling the truth. I have not found a single image of Leslie displaying the lucky coin. If you find one, please let me know!

Leslie Howard’s Lucky Coin

Some believe Howard might still be adding figures if it weren’t for the golden charm

By Virginia Maxwell

Into a shabby, walk-up tenement up on Claremont Avenue in New York, a gaunt young man trudged his way. Each day his shoulders would become a little more hunched; each day a haunted look in his eyes spelled disappointment and discouragement. For the young man could find no work and money was terribly scarce.
That man was Leslie Howard. The time was about 1923…

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Leslie Howard and his daughter

Two Leslies, father and daughter, smile down from the attic window of the English country house