The beginning… Biographical records, 1893

It’s a strange feeling. Almost everything is available now, on the Internet. And with time, we have started to think that we really EXIST when we leave a trace of our life somewhere in this immaterial world. But what about the millions of people who lived when nobody could even guess that one day we would have something like the Internet to tell us who we are and where we came from?

Yet, the powerful hand of our digital world is changing the way we look at history. Once upon a time, historians had to search dusty archives to find a document which proved that yes, some day you were born somewhere. Now a click is enough, and you can display on your screen that document proving that you really were born, someday and somewhere.

So, we should be accustomed to this base reality. And yet, I could not help feeling excited when my eyes read that line. I know you were born someday and somewhere, but reading your name there, on that old sheet of paper . though scanned by some guy I’ll never know – gave me a thrill of knowledge. And I want to share that feeling with the rest of the world.

Births registered in April, May and June 1893