Leslie Howard: If I Were Single in Hollywood… (1933)

Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard wouldn’t be single man in Hollywood, he says. Really? Well, I think he tells some truth in this interview. First of all, being a married man was a good shield against gossip-columnists and studio romance intrigues. Maybe you don’t believe him? “At least, they don’t get into print,” he adds….

If I Were Single in Hollywood

Leslie Howard is glad he isn’t. He says that married men have all the luck in Hollywood. But if he were a bachelor, he would find some way to dodge the “typical” movie bachelor’s life!

“If I were a single man in Hollywood,” said Leslie Howard, stretching comfortably, as he humorously played with the idea of being a gay, unattached blade in these Hollywood parts (at my request), “I should be probably be the most frightened man in the world!”

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