Leslie described by Ray Henderson, 1928

Ray Henderson was a famous songwriter of the 1920s. And how can a songwriter describe a stage actor?
Theatre Magazine published this uncommon portrait of Leslie Howard in May 1928. Leslie was living a crucial moment of his stage career. Her Cardboard Lover had been his personal triumph. His performance in John Galsworthy’s Escape had received unanimous praise and recognition. He had staged his own play, Murray Hill. And now Ray Henderson tries to describe him “in syncopated verbal strokes”.
In my opinion, Henderson’s article succeeds in catching and describing the different and contradictory facets of Leslie’s personality much better than most articles written by professional journalists and critics did. Leslie’s personality was not a sweet music, his portrait could only be depicted with  “syncopated strokes” .

Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard


A Comedian Who Would Play “Hamlet”

Boyish, Busy, Sincere Leslie Howard as Portrayed by a Word Artist in Syncopated Verbal Strokes

By Ray Henderson

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