Leslie Howard in Outward Bound (1924)

After many months of research I have eventually found a series of photos of the stage version of Outward Bound, which opened at the Ritz Theatre on January 7, 1924.
Leslie Howard played the role of Harry, with Margalo Gillmore as Ann, while Alfred Lunt played the Tom Prior role.

The play had found a hostile audience in Atlantic City during the Christmas Holidays. In Washington the cast worked hard on the script to be ready for the Broadway première. On Wednesday, January 2, Leslie wrote in his diary: “Rehearsal for purpose of rehashing play. Various authors, wives and retinues arrive. Great fun altering play. Which version do we play tonight? Do we know we’re dead or alive?”  Apparently the result of such a hasty rewriting was satisfactory; on Monday, January 7, Leslie wrote: “Utterly futile rehearsal at 12 a.m. — for which little Leslie one hour late. Dinner with Alfred Lunt. Opening of Outward Bound at Ritz Theatre. Much heart-pounding and jumping of nerves. Get through pretty well. Audience reduced to jelly.” (Leslie Howard, Trivial Fond Records)

Leslie Howard in Outward Bound

Leslie Howard and Margalo Gillmore in Outward Bound

A Scene from Outward Bound

A Scene from Outward Bound

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