A two-part documentary on Leslie Howard: please help this project!

Leslie Howard: The Man who Gave a Damn & Leslie Howard: The Mystery of Flight 777

A two-part documentary: part 1 of which celebrates the life, loves and career of Leslie Howard – one of the great Hollywood stars of the 1930’s, and part 2 which examines the 70 year old mystery surrounding the attack and shooting down of civilian passenger Flight 777 over the Bay of Biscay, which claimed the lives of all 16 aboard, including Howard.

There are still clearances, archive material and music to license, legalities and post-production elements which must be finalised—and financed—before releasing these films on DVD and marketing them to the widest audience possible. For this the new campaign is asking for the help of people like yourself – through pledging small (or large) amounts of funds –and through telling your friends.