The Mystery of Flight 777 – Fundraising Campaign

It was 1943, the middle of World War 2, and while it might seem unlikely that passenger planes would fly over countries who were at war with each other – a limited number did – and since these flights flew from neutral countries such as Portugal and Switzerland, and these routes were useful to both sides, there was an unwritten agreement that neither country would interfere with these.

Yet at 12.35 on Tuesday June 1st, a frantic radio message was received at Bristol HQ: “We are followed by enemy aircraft” and then a final phrase – “we are being attacked” before the DC3 crashed into the water.

Why this plane was attacked, and whether the attack might have been prevented are just two of many questions surrounding this event. The deaths of those on Flight 777 – Leslie Howard and 16 other people – were considered a major tragedy of war and much was written about the case afterwards. However key documents,  which could fill in some gaps in the narrative have been kept under lock and key for 72 years. Why is it still considered necessary to keep these records secret?

The Mistery of Flight 777