England’s Two Howards (1939)

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England’s Two Howards

This week finds two famous Howards in the news in connexion with important films.
From a friend in Hollywood, news reaches me that Leslie Howard has signed a contract with RKO-Radio to star in, co-direct and co-produce two films to be made in England this year, in association with Walter Futter. This is grand news, for Leslie himself has always been interested in the production side of the business, and his new contract will give him a chance to develop his interest while ensuring that he isn’t entirely lost to the acting side.
You’ll remember, of course, that he co-directed Pygmalion with Anthony Asquith. After that he left England, admitting that nobody would give him the chance either to direct or to act over here. But since the colossal success of Pygmalion, both here and in America, the ways has opened up again, and when Leslie gets through playing Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, he will return to England to begin filming in The Man Who Lost Himself.
Based on a novel by H. de Vere Stacpoole, The Man Who Lost Himself deals with a man who dies and then returns to earth to do the things he had always wanted to do when he was alive. It sounds rather eerie, doesn’t it? And to my mind an excellent vehicle for Leslie, wh’s a past master of this kind of thing, as the great success in Berkeley Square showed.

[News about Sydney Howard follows]

Leslie Howard

From his present plans for his next two British films, which the Nomad gives you this week, it looks as if it will be some time before Leslie Howard has any spare moments for his favourite sport–polo.

(Film Pictorial, April 15, 1939)