They Talk About Their First Love (1935)

They Talk About Their First Love

by Katherine Albert

It was during a vacation in Sussex that Leslie Howard fell in love for the first time. She was a blue-eyed English beauty and, once his shyness was overcome, he found he could talk to her as he had never talked to anyone before. He told her of his dreams, his hopes of becoming an actor. The girl listened to all this youthful outpouring but, when he hinted that perhaps their future might be together, she was quiet.
He was hopelessly in love and thought that no girl but this one could make him happy. And then he made the awful discovery. He found that she had a lover, a man-of-the-world sort of person, very unlike the idealistic boy that Leslie was.
He lived in anguish; jealousy tormented him. And, as he thought that perhaps she had told the other man all the things he had told her, he could not stand it any longer, so he ended his vacation early, going back to London and the bank where he worked as a clerk.
All that misery, all that agony. Yet–and this so often happens with first love–he cannot remember her name now.

(Modern Screen, March 1935)