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An Interview With Leslie’s Mother (1938)

Lilian Steiner (née Blumberg) was Leslie Howard’s biggest fan, that’s for sure. She was extremely proud of her handsome, glamorous, talented, successful son. She had always been persuaded of Leslie’s gifts, even when… Continue reading

Inafferrabile Leslie Howard: An Interview on The Bogie Film Blog

The Bogie Film Blog is one of the great cinema blogs I follow on WordPress. I am deeply honoured to have been selected for an interview about Leslie Howard and my love for… Continue reading

Latest Updates for Leslie Howard Documentaries

Just about 24 hours to go for Tom Hamilton’s fundraising campaign for the two documentaries Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn and The Mystery of Flight 777. If you truly love Leslie and his… Continue reading

A two-part documentary on Leslie Howard: please help this project!

Leslie Howard: The Man who Gave a Damn & Leslie Howard: The Mystery of Flight 777 A two-part documentary: part 1 of which celebrates the life, loves and career of Leslie Howard –… Continue reading

Leslie Howard in Paris (1940)

In January 1940 Leslie Howard went to Paris with Violette Cunnington for a short visit (“une huitaine”, as he says in the following interview). The official aim of this trip was to establish… Continue reading

A Comedy, Five Titles – 1927-1934

Murray Hill was produced for the first time on September 29, 1927 at the Bijou Theatre, New York. The play was published by Samuel French. The same play was produced for the first… Continue reading

One Get-Away (1928)

The Stage and Screen One Get-Away “Escape” is the story of a convict fleeing from an English prison. John Galsworthy wrote it; Winthrop Ames produced it and Leslie Howard acts the leading role.… Continue reading

Leslie Howard by Nikol Schattenstein

Nikol Schattenstein (August 10, 1877 – September 7, 1954) Portrait of Leslie Howard Current Owner: Museum of the City of New York, Theatre Collection (sources: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, New York Art Resources Consortium)… Continue reading

Leslie Howard’s return to Hollywood (1932)

It’s my hunch that before there are many more full moons at Malibu, movie-goers will be fed up with those all too obvious he-men types and that Leslie Howard will open the door to… Continue reading

Leslie Howard in Outward Bound (1924)

After many months of research I have eventually found a series of photos of the stage version of Outward Bound, which opened at the Ritz Theatre on January 7, 1924. Leslie Howard played… Continue reading