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Leslie Howard in 1922-23: The Lady Cristilinda

I have eventually added another small piece of documentation to my reconstruction of Leslie Howard’s stage career. December 25, 1922 – Broadhurst Theatre, New York: The Lady Cristilinda by Mockton Hoffe This is… Continue reading

“If I didn’t have a family, I’d have an attic” – Leslie Howard in 1939

Leslie Howard had just signed the contract to play Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind when this article appeared on Motion Picture, a popular movie magazine. The portrait is quite amusing and… Continue reading

Another 1st of June…

It was so like him. I always thought his exits Had a ghost-elusive touch; he left the stage Before one was aware that he had gone… The sort of touch that turned the… Continue reading

Leslie described by Ray Henderson, 1928

Ray Henderson was a famous songwriter of the 1920s. And how can a songwriter describe a stage actor? Theatre Magazine published this uncommon portrait of Leslie Howard in May 1928. Leslie was living… Continue reading

Leslie Howard about the Women of the Screen (1935)

Leslie Howard gave this interview to Film Weekly in 1935. I find extremely interesting: Leslie is quite a severe judge when dealing with actresses. In spite of his reputation as a ladies’ man , he… Continue reading

Leslie Howard goes to America (1920)

During the Summer of 1920, while he was playing in Samuel Shipman’s and John B. Hymer’s East Is West at the Lyric Theatre in London, Leslie Howard was offered a role in a new… Continue reading

Leslie Howard describes A.A. Milne (1922)

Leslie Howard met A.A. Milne during the rehearsals of Mr. Pim Passes By, in 1919.  Leslie played the juvenile role in the play, with Dion Boucicalt and Irene Vanbrugh. This is another remarkable… Continue reading

Leslie Howard, a Radio Star (1932-1939)

I have added two articles to the archives, about Leslie Howard and his radio broadcasts. The first one is another article presenting Leslie Howard as a rule-breaker, an unconventional man and actor who gets rid of… Continue reading

Happy 120th Birthday, Leslie!

A Biography of Leslie Written in 1935

In 1935 the British magazine Film Pictorial published a Gift Supplement: The Life Story of Leslie Howard. The text was written by John K. Newnham, and was illustrated with many photos. I believe… Continue reading