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Leslie Howard Talks about Romeo and Juliet (1936)

In this article, Leslie Howard explains the reasons why he accepted to play the role of Romeo in the big MGM production. He is convinced that  Romeo and Juliet “is the greatest screen experiment… Continue reading

Leslie Howard, Movies and Polo (1935)

Tea-Timing With The Horsy Mr. Howard “Polo is living, much more than acting is,” says the star of “Of Human Bondage.” (Silver Screen, March 2935) Read the article

Addio Doodie

Una notizia molto triste mi è appena arrivata: ieri è scomparsa Leslie Ruth Howard, l’amatissima Doodie di Leslie. Se ne è andata così anche lei, a raggiungere il padre, la madre e il… Continue reading

Zavattini e Leslie Howard: gossip fantastici del 1933

Negli anni Trenta, la rivista “Cinema Illustrazione” pubblicò una serie di corrispondenze da Hollywood con firme fantasiose (Giulio Tani, Jules Parmes, Louis Sassoon etc.) dietro alle quali si celava la penna del vulcanico… Continue reading

Charm Comes First – Leslie Howard, 1937

This article was published on the August 1937 issue of the popular magazine “Screen Play”. Leslie Howard, inspired by Basil Underwood , the matinee idol  he played in It’s Love I’m After, reveals some of… Continue reading

Photos from the set of The Gentle Sex

Leslie Howard on the set of The Gentle Sex  (1942)

Leslie Howard Interviewed, 1934

This interview was published on “Picturegoer” of September 15, 1934. Once again, Leslie Howard express his contempt for American film industry, “in the hands of people who are devoid of taste and culture.” He… Continue reading

Hubert Cole’s suggestion to Leslie Howard in 1941

The article I publish today is rather strange. It appeared on Picturegoer of February 8, 1941, while Leslie Howard was directing Pimpernel Smith. The interviewer, Hubert Cole, tries to persuade Leslie to go… Continue reading

Somebody tried to explain Leslie Howard in 1933

I enjoy very much those articles and interviews about Leslie which were published on fan magazines during the Thirties. They always present–with slight variations–the same picture of him: a quiet and reserved man,… Continue reading

A Story of Pim, 1928

When his son Ronald (Winkie) was a child, Leslie Howard had invented a series of bed-time stories for him. In her book, Leslie Ruth, the younger daughter, writes: “The two miscreants found time… Continue reading