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Images of The Wren, Broadway (1921)

After a long search, I was able to buy the 1922 edition of Booth Tarkington’s play, The Wren. It is an old, original Samuel French edition, with some beautiful plates with the scene… Continue reading

Mr. Howard represents British standards: An Article of 1921

This article, published on Billboard in 1921, one year after Leslie Howard moved to America (not three years, as the author says incorrectly), is a clear example of how quickly the young English… Continue reading

An Interview of 1932

Leslie Howard Tells What He Thinks of Acting, Writing and the Movies Acting Is the Chief Thing Leslie Howard Doesn’t Care About Doing By JANET WHITE HE IS “the eminently successful British actor”… Continue reading

Leslie Howard talks about films, stories and co-stars, 1933

1933 was a very important year in Leslie Howard’s career. He had already made several films– Berkeley Square among them, one of his big successes– and was one of the most sought-after among… Continue reading

Irene and Leslie Howard

When I found this article on “Film Weekly” of May 5, 1933, I was thrilled, partly because of the pictures, chiefly because, after reading so many articles written by people who did not… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: “Cinema”, 1938

The article I have copied down here is absolutely unique: it remains an isolated voice, totally outside the box, breaking the deafening silence that surrounded Leslie Howard in Italy during the Thirties. I… Continue reading

Leslie Howard’s Hamlet Praised

LESLIE HOWARD’S “HAMLET” PRAISED the Lewiston Daily Sun – November 17, 1936 After talking of “Hamlet” for two or three seasons, says Brooks Atkinson, noted dramatic critic, in the New York Times, Leslie… Continue reading

The Secrets of Berkeley Square, 1933

(“Picturegoer”, September 2, 1933) THE SECRETS OF “BERKELEY SQUARE” How London has been created again in Hollywood for Leslie Howard’s new film by the man who made “Cavalcade”. Frank Lloyd passed for a… Continue reading

Associated Artists: Leslie Howard, Hugh Walpole and Dudley Murphy (1936)

News and Gossip of the Week: by the Editor [Herbert Thompson] HOWARD AND WALPOLE GET TOGETHER Leslie Howard, Hugh Walpole and Dudley Murphy Found a New Film Company of Their Own Actor Leslie… Continue reading

The White Eagle, August 1940 – March 1941

The White Eagle is a film produced by Derrick de Marney and directed by Eugene Cekalski. The narrative is written by Val Gielgud. The story is told by Leslie Howard. This documentary was… Continue reading