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Images of The Wren, Broadway (1921)

After a long search, I was able to buy the 1922 edition of Booth Tarkington’s play, The Wren. It is an old, original Samuel French edition, with some beautiful plates with the scene… Continue reading

Mr. Howard represents British standards: An Article of 1921

This article, published on Billboard in 1921, one year after Leslie Howard moved to America (not three years, as the author says incorrectly), is a clear example of how quickly the young English… Continue reading

Luoghi della memoria: New York & Long Island

Proseguendo il “pellegrinaggio” virtuale ai luoghi della memoria howardiani, dall’Inghilterra della prima gioventù facciamo un bel salto fino al periodo americano. Il libro di Doodie, A Quite Remakable Father, fornisce alcune notizie sulle… Continue reading