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Leslie Howard in 1922-23: The Lady Cristilinda

I have eventually added another small piece of documentation to my reconstruction of Leslie Howard’s stage career. December 25, 1922 – Broadhurst Theatre, New York: The Lady Cristilinda by Mockton Hoffe This is… Continue reading

Leslie Howard describes A.A. Milne (1922)

Leslie Howard met A.A. Milne during the rehearsals of Mr. Pim Passes By, in 1919.  Leslie played the juvenile role in the play, with Dion Boucicalt and Irene Vanbrugh. This is another remarkable… Continue reading

Luoghi della memoria: New York & Long Island

Proseguendo il “pellegrinaggio” virtuale ai luoghi della memoria howardiani, dall’Inghilterra della prima gioventù facciamo un bel salto fino al periodo americano. Il libro di Doodie, A Quite Remakable Father, fornisce alcune notizie sulle… Continue reading