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Leslie Howard On Horseback (1933)

I have found an amusing article about Leslie’s exploits as a cowboy during the takings of Secrets. Maybe in 1933 his love for horses was not yet of common knowledge as it was later,… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: If I Were Single in Hollywood… (1933)

Leslie Howard wouldn’t be single man in Hollywood, he says. Really? Well, I think he tells some truth in this interview. First of all, being a married man was a good shield against gossip-columnists… Continue reading

Zavattini e Leslie Howard: gossip fantastici del 1933

Negli anni Trenta, la rivista “Cinema Illustrazione” pubblicò una serie di corrispondenze da Hollywood con firme fantasiose (Giulio Tani, Jules Parmes, Louis Sassoon etc.) dietro alle quali si celava la penna del vulcanico… Continue reading

Somebody tried to explain Leslie Howard in 1933

I enjoy very much those articles and interviews about Leslie which were published on fan magazines during the Thirties. They always present–with slight variations–the same picture of him: a quiet and reserved man,… Continue reading

Leslie Howard talks about films, stories and co-stars, 1933

1933 was a very important year in Leslie Howard’s career. He had already made several films– Berkeley Square among them, one of his big successes– and was one of the most sought-after among… Continue reading

Irene and Leslie Howard

When I found this article on “Film Weekly” of May 5, 1933, I was thrilled, partly because of the pictures, chiefly because, after reading so many articles written by people who did not… Continue reading

The Secrets of Berkeley Square, 1933

(“Picturegoer”, September 2, 1933) THE SECRETS OF “BERKELEY SQUARE” How London has been created again in Hollywood for Leslie Howard’s new film by the man who made “Cavalcade”. Frank Lloyd passed for a… Continue reading

Leslie Howard su “Photoplay”

Photoplay era una rivista di cinema di Chicago, fondata nel 1911. Fu molto popolare negli anni Venti e Trenta. Sto cercando gli articoli e le fotografie riferiti a Leslie Howard e, naturalmente, dal… Continue reading