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Master of Understatement (1935)

Master of Understatement A Hollywood Observer Finds Leslie Howard a Far Cry From the Old-Time “Scenery-Chewer” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, November 19, 1935 Hollywood, Nov. 19 — Understatement is a virtue practiced by few… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon in “A Minuet” (1935)

On February 14, 1935, Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon played a short play in rhyme, “A Minuet” by Louis N. Parker, included in The Fleischmann’s Yeast Hour radio show, commonly known as The Rudy… Continue reading

Leslie Howard about the Women of the Screen (1935)

Leslie Howard gave this interview to Film Weekly in 1935. I find extremely interesting: Leslie is quite a severe judge when dealing with actresses. In spite of his reputation as a ladies’ man , he… Continue reading

A Biography of Leslie Written in 1935

In 1935 the British magazine Film Pictorial published a Gift Supplement: The Life Story of Leslie Howard. The text was written by John K. Newnham, and was illustrated with many photos. I believe… Continue reading

Leslie Howard, Movies and Polo (1935)

Tea-Timing With The Horsy Mr. Howard “Polo is living, much more than acting is,” says the star of “Of Human Bondage.” (Silver Screen, March 2935) Read the article

Leslie Howard talks about Hollywood and Elstree, 1935

“England has turned out some fine pictures in the last year or so, and will turn out more, I expect, but it can’t compete with Hollywood– not for a long time, and more… Continue reading