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June 1st – In Memory of Leslie Howard

June 1st, 1943 – June 1st, 2014: You will never be forgotten

The stage and the screen have suffered a heavy loss in the death of Leslie Howard, who may fairly be said to have lost his life in the service of his country. He… Continue reading

Another 1st of June…

It was so like him. I always thought his exits Had a ghost-elusive touch; he left the stage Before one was aware that he had gone… The sort of touch that turned the… Continue reading

Shattered Dreams – Leslie Howard in May 1943

A few days ago I added Hubert Cole’s article published on Picturegoer soon after Leslie’s death (Leslie Howard) to this site’s archives.  It is a touching memory of Leslie. I was particularly impressed… Continue reading

Don’t worry, I shall be back

Il mio ricordo di Leslie. 1° giugno 1943

Ritratti d’annata: 1943

Ci sarebbe molto da dire sulla critica cinematografica italiana e Leslie Howard, e forse prima o poi scriverò su questo argomento. Nonostante la parabola ascendente di Leslie avvenisse in un periodo – gli… Continue reading