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Master of Understatement (1935)

Master of Understatement A Hollywood Observer Finds Leslie Howard a Far Cry From the Old-Time “Scenery-Chewer” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, November 19, 1935 Hollywood, Nov. 19 — Understatement is a virtue practiced by few… Continue reading

Leslie Howard at the Museum of the City of New York

If you are interested in Leslie Howard’s appearances on the Broadway stages, you will be certainly thrilled, as I was, when doing a simple “Leslie Howard” search in The Museum of the City of New… Continue reading

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? (1936)

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? Is the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” possible to-day? Read the interesting and varied opinions of the artistes cast in this picture by Gladys… Continue reading

The First of the Few – The Tatler, December 24, 1941

“The First of the Few” A Film Tribute to Mr. R. J. Mitchell, the Man Who Designed the Spitfire, Which is Now in Course of Production at Denham With the Two Leslie Howard… Continue reading

On the set of The Lamp Still Burns (1943)

You can read here (Leslie Howard’s Last Film), an article published in Illustrated on June 26, 1943, just a few days after Leslie’s death. The article includes several photos taken on the set, with… Continue reading

Food for Thought (1948)

This article by Jimmie Fidler, a popular columnist, was written in June 1948. Food for thought, indeed.

Leslie Howard’s return to Hollywood (1932)

It’s my hunch that before there are many more full moons at Malibu, movie-goers will be fed up with those all too obvious he-men types and that Leslie Howard will open the door to… Continue reading

“If I didn’t have a family, I’d have an attic” – Leslie Howard in 1939

Leslie Howard had just signed the contract to play Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind when this article appeared on Motion Picture, a popular movie magazine. The portrait is quite amusing and… Continue reading

Leslie Howard about the Women of the Screen (1935)

Leslie Howard gave this interview to Film Weekly in 1935. I find extremely interesting: Leslie is quite a severe judge when dealing with actresses. In spite of his reputation as a ladies’ man , he… Continue reading

Leslie Howard describes A.A. Milne (1922)

Leslie Howard met A.A. Milne during the rehearsals of Mr. Pim Passes By, in 1919.  Leslie played the juvenile role in the play, with Dion Boucicalt and Irene Vanbrugh. This is another remarkable… Continue reading