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The Short and Adventurous Life of Alfred Charles Steiner

  “Jimmy, seven years younger, was already the character of the family. There could never have been two brothers more different than Jimmy and Leslie. Jimmy was gregarious where Leslie was shy, independent… Continue reading

Leslie on the Radio: New Findings

The Radio page of this blog is still a work in progress. Since I have created it, I have found several new pieces of information and discovered new broadcasts I knew nothing about.… Continue reading

Leslie Howard goes to America (1920)

During the Summer of 1920, while he was playing in Samuel Shipman’s and John B. Hymer’s East Is West at the Lyric Theatre in London, Leslie Howard was offered a role in a new… Continue reading

A Biography of Leslie Written in 1935

In 1935 the British magazine Film Pictorial published a Gift Supplement: The Life Story of Leslie Howard. The text was written by John K. Newnham, and was illustrated with many photos. I believe… Continue reading

Irene and Leslie Howard

When I found this article on “Film Weekly” of May 5, 1933, I was thrilled, partly because of the pictures, chiefly because, after reading so many articles written by people who did not… Continue reading

The beginning… Biographical records, 1893

It’s a strange feeling. Almost everything is available now, on the Internet. And with time, we have started to think that we really EXIST when we leave a trace of our life somewhere… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and some “urban legends”

I am always surprised when I realize how easily silly legends become popular on the Internet, even on “credited” sites. The first time I read about Leslie starting his acting career as a… Continue reading

Luoghi della memoria: New York & Long Island

Proseguendo il “pellegrinaggio” virtuale ai luoghi della memoria howardiani, dall’Inghilterra della prima gioventù facciamo un bel salto fino al periodo americano. Il libro di Doodie, A Quite Remakable Father, fornisce alcune notizie sulle… Continue reading

Luoghi della memoria: Upper Norwood & Dulwich

Le biografie di Leslie Howard – fatta salva la storia familiare dell’immigrato Steiner che sacrifica la vocazione di musicista per diventare uomo d’affari – partono dalle prime esperienze amatoriali ad Upper Norwood, Londra,… Continue reading