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On the set of The Lamp Still Burns (1943)

You can read here (Leslie Howard’s Last Film), an article published in Illustrated on June 26, 1943, just a few days after Leslie’s death. The article includes several photos taken on the set, with… Continue reading

Shattered Dreams – Leslie Howard in May 1943

A few days ago I added Hubert Cole’s article published on Picturegoer soon after Leslie’s death (Leslie Howard) to this site’s archives.  It is a touching memory of Leslie. I was particularly impressed… Continue reading

Leslie Howard directing “Pimpernel” Smith

First Day on the New Film (Picture Post, February 8, 1941)

Leslie Howard Talks about Romeo and Juliet (1936)

In this article, Leslie Howard explains the reasons why he accepted to play the role of Romeo in the big MGM production. He is convinced that  Romeo and Juliet “is the greatest screen experiment… Continue reading

Photos from the set of The Gentle Sex

Leslie Howard on the set of The Gentle Sex  (1942)

The Secrets of Berkeley Square, 1933

(“Picturegoer”, September 2, 1933) THE SECRETS OF “BERKELEY SQUARE” How London has been created again in Hollywood for Leslie Howard’s new film by the man who made “Cavalcade”. Frank Lloyd passed for a… Continue reading

The White Eagle, August 1940 – March 1941

The White Eagle is a film produced by Derrick de Marney and directed by Eugene Cekalski. The narrative is written by Val Gielgud. The story is told by Leslie Howard. This documentary was… Continue reading

Leslie Howard in Devotion – A Page From “Picture Show”

My collection of old magazines is growing. I have just bought a copy of Picture Show, March 5, 1932. There is a beautiful page with pictures of Leslie Howard and Ann Harding in… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: That Old Feeling

Uno dei miei film preferiti è Stand-In. E’ un film delizioso, divertente e ironico, che scherza proprio sul cinema e su certi suoi “vizietti”. E’ un film del 1937, ma in fondo il… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: Oh So Funny! – My New Video

Leslie Howard era geniale nelle parti comiche. La sua aria gentile e svagata lo rendeva davvero irresistibile nei ruoli del lunatico, del timido impacciato, del professore ridicolo. Ho messo insieme alcune delle scene… Continue reading