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Leslie Howard’s Hamlet

In one of my previous posts, Leslie Howard’s Hamlet Praised, I reproduced a review published in The Lewiston Daily Sun of November 17, 1936. Here I give you the links to other documents related to Leslie Howard’s… Continue reading

Leslie Howard’s Hamlet Praised

LESLIE HOWARD’S “HAMLET” PRAISED the Lewiston Daily Sun – November 17, 1936 After talking of “Hamlet” for two or three seasons, says Brooks Atkinson, noted dramatic critic, in the New York Times, Leslie… Continue reading

Leslie and Hamlet

Those of us who are acting in this production all agree that the most striking manifestation in connection with it is the way in which it is received by all ordinary members of… Continue reading

Un’intervista prima di Hamlet – 1936

Sto raccogliendo documenti sulla messa in scena di Hamlet che Leslie Howard portò a Broadway nel novembre del 1936. Il mio desiderio è quello di cercare il più possibile  di conoscere e comprendere… Continue reading