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June 1st – In Memory of Leslie Howard

Salute to Leslie Howard (1943)

Original caption: SALUTE TO LESLIE HOWARD. Lady Haggard (right), wife of Sir Godfrey Haggard, British Consul General, and Acting British Consul General Leonard Leach and Mrs. Leach headed a representative group from the… Continue reading

Another 1st of June…

It was so like him. I always thought his exits Had a ghost-elusive touch; he left the stage Before one was aware that he had gone… The sort of touch that turned the… Continue reading

Addio Doodie

Una notizia molto triste mi è appena arrivata: ieri è scomparsa Leslie Ruth Howard, l’amatissima Doodie di Leslie. Se ne è andata così anche lei, a raggiungere il padre, la madre e il… Continue reading

Don’t worry, I shall be back

Il mio ricordo di Leslie. 1° giugno 1943