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Leslie Howard and Greta Garbo (1933)

In 1933 Leslie Howard was the most sought-after actor in Hollywood. He played the leading man with Mary Pickford in Secrets. He rejected a very  generous offer to play with Marion Davies in Peg O’ My Heart. Big money was not important… Continue reading

Bacall, Bogart and Howard (1994)

An excerpt of Lauren Bacall’s 1994 Fresh Air interview. Gross: Before you ever really experienced love you were acting out the movie version of romance and then you started having the romance with… Continue reading

An Interview With Leslie’s Mother (1938)

Lilian Steiner (née Blumberg) was Leslie Howard’s biggest fan, that’s for sure. She was extremely proud of her handsome, glamorous, talented, successful son. She had always been persuaded of Leslie’s gifts, even when… Continue reading

Inafferrabile Leslie Howard: An Interview on The Bogie Film Blog

The Bogie Film Blog is one of the great cinema blogs I follow on WordPress. I am deeply honoured to have been selected for an interview about Leslie Howard and my love for… Continue reading

Leslie Howard in Paris (1940)

In January 1940 Leslie Howard went to Paris with Violette Cunnington for a short visit (“une huitaine”, as he says in the following interview). The official aim of this trip was to establish… Continue reading

Leslie Howard about the Women of the Screen (1935)

Leslie Howard gave this interview to Film Weekly in 1935. I find extremely interesting: Leslie is quite a severe judge when dealing with actresses. In spite of his reputation as a ladies’ man , he… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: I suppose I break a lot of Hollywood rules (1936)

I found this article by William Anthony (I guess this is a pen name, but I could not find any information about him), published on the March 1936 issue of  Movie Classic, quite… Continue reading

Hollywood Is Make Believe, Romance Is a Part Of It Like Cameras and Lights, 1934

Another interesting interview with Leslie Howard, published on Modern Screen, October 1934. Leslie Howard talks about happy marriages and divorces, and explains his “Britishman’s” point of view; we can hardly imagine his wife’s… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: Good actors to be successful at forty ought to have brains (1939)

 Leslie Howard, what an adorable man, so human and so full of contradictions!  This article of 1939 (“Modern Screen”, May 1939) was published when he had already accepted– very unwillingly, I must say–… Continue reading

Leslie Howard: If I Were Single in Hollywood… (1933)

Leslie Howard wouldn’t be single man in Hollywood, he says. Really? Well, I think he tells some truth in this interview. First of all, being a married man was a good shield against gossip-columnists… Continue reading