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Those Mysterious Eyes…

Everyone’s got their own obsessions… Mine happens to be Leslie Howard’s eyes. Everything related to Leslie seems to be surrounded by an aura of mystery, and his beautiful eyes are no exception. Where… Continue reading

Leslie Howard by Nikol Schattenstein

Nikol Schattenstein (August 10, 1877 – September 7, 1954) Portrait of Leslie Howard Current Owner: Museum of the City of New York, Theatre Collection (sources: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, New York Art Resources Consortium)… Continue reading

Somebody tried to explain Leslie Howard in 1933

I enjoy very much those articles and interviews about Leslie which were published on fan magazines during the Thirties. They always present–with slight variations–the same picture of him: a quiet and reserved man,… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and Adrian Brunel

Leslie had a first-class brain and, in spite of his inclination to roam, he had a great concentrative ability. Before he began to direct a scene, we would usually discuss its shape; he… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and William Gargan

The scanty biographies of William Gargan hardly mention his fraternal friendship with Leslie Howard. Their friendship started during the long run of a very successful play, The Animal Kingdom. William Gargan played a… Continue reading

Ritratti d’annata: 1929

Adoro frugare fra le pagine ingiallite dei vecchi giornali e delle poverose riviste. Pubblicherò spesso, in questo blog, le mie “riesumazioni”. E’ una festa quando scopro un nuovo filone di vecchi giornali che… Continue reading

Ritratti d’annata: 1943

Ci sarebbe molto da dire sulla critica cinematografica italiana e Leslie Howard, e forse prima o poi scriverò su questo argomento. Nonostante la parabola ascendente di Leslie avvenisse in un periodo – gli… Continue reading

Vintage portraits: 1930

(Nel 1930 Leslie Howard era lanciato nella sua avventura americana. La sua interpretazione nella commedia Berkeley Square, approdata nel novembre del 1929 a Broadway, al Lyceum Theatre, aveva riscosso un grandissimo successo (che… Continue reading