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Romeo and Juliet: a 1936 edition with designs by Oliver Messel

In 1936,  B.T. Batsford Ltd of London published a limited edition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with designs by Oliver Messels. The book soon became a collector’s item,  especially valuable because it contains… Continue reading

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? (1936)

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? Is the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” possible to-day? Read the interesting and varied opinions of the artistes cast in this picture by Gladys… Continue reading

Leslie Howard Talks about Romeo and Juliet (1936)

In this article, Leslie Howard explains the reasons why he accepted to play the role of Romeo in the big MGM production. He is convinced that  Romeo and Juliet “is the greatest screen experiment… Continue reading

Romeo by Leslie Howard

ROMEO by Leslie Howard That every actress should want to play Juliet is as understandable as that every actor should want to play Hamlet. Both are rich in the elements that make great… Continue reading