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  • Aldgate, Anthony ; Richards, Jeffrey : Britain Can Take It: The British Cinema in the Second World War. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 1994. [The Englishman’s Englishman, p. 61-103]
  • Bordman, Gerald. American Theatre : A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1930-1969. Oxford University Press, 1996 [Leslie Howard on stage]
  • Boyle, Charles. Another Hamlet: The Mystery of Leslie Howard. Forever Press, 2011 [Essay and screenplay supporting the fanciful theory of Leslie’s presumed belief that Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford]
  • Brunel, Adrian. Nice Work: The Story of Thirty Years in British Film Production. London, Forbes Robertson, 1949 [A whole chapter deals with Leslie and the Minerva Films experience. Another chapter about the filming of The Gentle Sex]
  • Burns, Jimmy. Papa Spy. Bloomsbury, 2011 [Contains a chapter about Leslie’s journey to Portugal and Spain]
  • Colvin, Ian. Flight 777: The Mystery Of Leslie Howard. London: Evans Brothers, 1957 [Ian Colvin’s investigation about Leslie Howard’s death]
  • Eforgan, Estel. Leslie Howard: The Lost Actor. London: Vallentine Mitchell Publishers, 2010. 2nd revised edition, 2012 [Leslie’s biography, with a strong accent on the last years of Leslie’s life–almost half book deals with the years 1939-1943]
  • Gargan, William. Why Me? An Autobiography. New York : Doubleday, 1969 [Some amusing anecdotes narrated by Leslie’s pal ]
  • Howard, Leslie Ruth. A Quite Remarkable Father: A Biography of Leslie Howard. New York: Harcourt Brace and Co., 1959 [Leslie’s biography, written by his daughter]
  • Howard, Ronald. In Search of My Father: A Portrait of Leslie Howard. London: St. Martin’s Press, 1984
    [A biographical book written by Leslie’s son, mainly focused on the last years of his father’s live and on his death]
  • Kelly, Andrew; Richards, Jeffrey; Pepper, James. Filming T. E. Lawrence: Korda’s Lost Epic. I.B Tauris, 1997 [About Alexander Korda’s project of a film on T.E. Lawrence war adventures. Leslie was a possible Lawrence]
  • Leeming Tuttle, Esther. No Rocking Chair For Me. iUniverse, 2004 [Memories of  Leslie and The Petrified Forest on stage; the author was in the cast]
  • Rattigan, Neil: This Is England: British Film and the People’s War, 1939-1945. Madison, Farleigh Dickinson University Press, 2001 [The First of the Few, p. 52 et seq.]
  • Rey Ximena, José. El Vuelo de Ibis. Madrid: Facta Ediciones SL, 2008 [about Leslie’s last journey and death]
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  • Richards, Jeffrey. Films and British National Identity: From Dickens to Dad’s Army. Manchester University Press, 1997 [Leslie during WW2]
  • Van Neste, Dan.“Leslie Howard: Unmasking the Pimpernel”
    [This article was published in “Films of the Golden Age”, issue 19, Winter 1999-2000, and is partially available online; the printed article, however, is much longer, with many photos and an extensive filmography]
  • Shafer, Stephen C. British Popular Film 1929-1939: The Cinema of Reassurance. London: Routledge, 1997 [Contains a chapter on Pygmalion]