The Heroine of Mons (1914)

The Heroine of Mons (1914)

directed by Wilfred Noy

Cast: Dorothy Bellew (the girl); Leslie Howard; Bert Wynne

The star picture orf the week, “The Heroine of Mons,” is a very fine film, and has been the means of attracting large audiences. It is exciting from start to finish. The scene of the plot is a bank in Belgium, which the Germans hold up and take possession of. While the German officers partake of the victuals in the house, and generally enjoy themselves, the daughter of the banker disguises herself as a German and escapes in a motor car to the British lines, and informs them what has happened, and they lose no time in getting on the scene. They take all the Germans prisoners and everything is all right again.
(Prahran Chronicle, Vic., January 23, 1915)

A dramatic war episode is being shown at the Alexandra Theatre during the first half of this week, and as the story concerns the fate of Mons it is perhaps of more than passing interest. “The Heroine of Mons” is the daughter of a baker, and when the French troops are quartered in the district two French officers are billeted with the family. A warm friendship springs up between Capt. Arnaud and Mdlle. Leman, and this inspires the latter to render a brave deed when the German hosts by sheer weight of numbers throw back the French armies. She dresses herself in the uniform of a German officer and rides through the ranks to warn the British of the advance. In this she succeeds, and incidentally rescues Capt. Arnaud from a dangerous position.
(Derby Daily Telegraph, March 23, 1915)