Mayfair (1926)

Mayfair, by St. Clair Scott and Caswell Garth
produced by George C. Tyler and Basil Dean

Opening of tryout tour: Broad Street Theatre, Newark, December 20; then Philadelphia. The play did not open in New York

Cast: Estelle Winwood, Leslie Howard, Margaret Lawrence, David Hawthorne

It is an impressive cast that has been ssembled for the play called “Who Cares?” by St. Clair Scott and Caswell Garth, an imported affair, which is now in rehearsal and which is to be brought forth by George C. Tyler and Basil Dean, at the moment two of the most strenuously occupied of all the local producing folk. The players will include Margaret Lawrence, Estelle Winwood and Leslie Howard.
Miss Lawrence has served Mr. Tyler previously. Miss Winwood is just out of a Budapest disaster and Mr. Howard was rendered available by the collapse of “The Cardboard Lover.”
David Hawthorne, brought over from London, will also appear in the cast.
(Ward Morehouse, The New York Sun, November 19, 1926)

Margaret Lawrence, Estelle Winwood, Leslie Howard and David Hawthorne combine their comedy talents in the new satirical farce, “Mayfair,” which comes to the Broad Street for one week beginning Monday evening. “Mayfair” satirizes the manners and morals of the day, and in particular, the plays and novels which are held to represent the modern social standards. The plays of Noel Coward and Michael Arlen come most acutely under its scope. The humor of “Mayfair” is at once pointed and broad–so broad that at times, it verges on burlesque. Roughly, “Mayfair” concerns the struggles of two women, one his wife and the other his mistress, to borrow money from a man in order to give it to another, the object of their common affections.
Leslie Howard, who played the leading male role opposite Katherine Cornell in Michael Arlen’s “The Green Hat,” appears in the leading role of “Mayfair”; Estelle Winwood, last seen in the Theatre Guild’s production of “At Mrs. Beam’s,” has an important role; Margaret Lawrence emerges from retirement as the wife of Wallace Eddinger to play the wife, and David Hawthorne has been imported from England to play the part of the husband.
George C. Tyler is associated with Basil Dean, the noted English director-producer, in presenting the play. Mr. Dean has been prominent in the presentation of the plays of Noel Coward, John Galsworthy, Clemence Dane and many of England’s foremost dramatists.
(The Independent Press, Bloomsfiel NJ, December 17, 1926)

“Mayfair,” the new satirical farce in which Margaret Lawrence, Leslie Howard and Estelle Winwood are appearing under the direction of George C, Tyler and Basil Dean, has gone to Philadelphia for two weeks, probably coming to New York soon after. “Mayfair” opened its tryout tour in Newark.
(The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 29, 1926)