The First of the Few – The Tatler, December 24, 1941

“The First of the Few” A Film Tribute to Mr. R. J. Mitchell, the Man Who Designed the Spitfire, Which is Now in Course of Production at Denham With the Two Leslie Howard… Continue reading

The Short and Adventurous Life of Alfred Charles Steiner

  “Jimmy, seven years younger, was already the character of the family. There could never have been two brothers more different than Jimmy and Leslie. Jimmy was gregarious where Leslie was shy, independent… Continue reading

On the set of The Lamp Still Burns (1943)

You can read here (Leslie Howard’s Last Film), an article published in Illustrated on June 26, 1943, just a few days after Leslie’s death. The article includes several photos taken on the set, with… Continue reading

A Letter About Gone With the Wind (1940)

  (Picture Show and Film Pictorial, July 27, 1940) You can read the transcription here.

Food for Thought (1948)

This article by Jimmie Fidler, a popular columnist, was written in June 1948. Food for thought, indeed.

Salute to Leslie Howard (1943)

Original caption: SALUTE TO LESLIE HOWARD. Lady Haggard (right), wife of Sir Godfrey Haggard, British Consul General, and Acting British Consul General Leonard Leach and Mrs. Leach headed a representative group from the… Continue reading

Leslie Howard’s Hamlet

In one of my previous posts, Leslie Howard’s Hamlet Praised, I reproduced a review published in The Lewiston Daily Sun of November 17, 1936. Here I give you the links to other documents related to Leslie Howard’s… Continue reading

Leslie on the Radio: New Findings

The Radio page of this blog is still a work in progress. Since I have created it, I have found several new pieces of information and discovered new broadcasts I knew nothing about.… Continue reading

He Never Said This!

I have found several quotes attributed to Leslie Howard in various sites which sound extremely improbable to me. Some of those phrases are evidently out of place: there are several quotes clearly pronounced… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and Greta Garbo (1933)

In 1933 Leslie Howard was the most sought-after actor in Hollywood. He played the leading man with Mary Pickford in Secrets. He rejected a very  generous offer to play with Marion Davies in Peg O’ My Heart. Big money was not important… Continue reading