Those Mysterious Eyes…

Everyone’s got their own obsessions… Mine happens to be Leslie Howard’s eyes. Everything related to Leslie seems to be surrounded by an aura of mystery, and his beautiful eyes are no exception. Where… Continue reading

Bacall, Bogart and Howard (1994)

An excerpt of Lauren Bacall’s 1994 Fresh Air interview. Gross: Before you ever really experienced love you were acting out the movie version of romance and then you started having the romance with… Continue reading

Google only knows…

Website statistics are a very intriguing subject, especially when dealing with “search engine terms”. I have always been convinced that “the mind of man is bounded only by the universe” (Pimpernel Smith!), and yet… Continue reading

June 1st, 1943 – June 1st, 2014: You will never be forgotten

The stage and the screen have suffered a heavy loss in the death of Leslie Howard, who may fairly be said to have lost his life in the service of his country. He… Continue reading

The Play Pictorial no. 198, 1918 – The Title

I have been searching for this issue of  The Play Pictorial for years, and now I have got it. So rare, so beautiful! The whole magazine is about Arnold Bennett’s play The Title, produced… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Leslie!

Shooting a Picture Under the Bombs (1942)

When they were filming 49th Parallel Leslie Howard went to his home a few hundred yards away from the studio for a few hours sleep. This is what happened then, described by Leslie… Continue reading

Leslie Howard writes to his son (1939)

My dear boy — You have been asking for some time for a Hollywood letter. You asked for all kinds of inside information that may interest readers–all kinds of spicy bits of news… Continue reading


Leslie Howard, A Restless Traveller

Since his first journey to New York, in 1920, until 1939 when he left the United States to go back to England, Leslie Howard had been living a very complicated life, continuously crossing… Continue reading