Peg o’ My Heart, 1916

Peg O’ My Heart by John Hartley Manners

Macdonald and Young’s Company
October-November 1916 — on tour

Cast of Characters

Peg Ethel O’Shea
Jerry Leslie Howard
 H.E. Garden, George Goodwin, A. Fellow Bassett, C.H. Leslie, Kitty Willoughby, Sylvia Graham, Beatrice Drury

Ipswich Lyceum, Ltd.; Lessee & M. Mr. Eugene C. Staffod. – Once nightly, and matinée Saturday: Messrs. Macdonald and Young’s company in “Peg o’ My Heart,” including Mr. Leslie Howard, Mr. H.E. Garden, Mr. George Goodwin, Mr. A. Fellows Bassett, Mr. C.H. Leslie, Miss Kitty Willoughby, Miss Sylvia Graham, Miss Beatrice Drury, and Miss Ethel O’Shea.
(The Era, October 25, 1916)

It was very easy, by the diagnosis of the temperament of the audience last evening, to estimate a very big success for the return visit of “Peg O’My Heart” to the Theatre Royal, Lincoln. There is, of course, nothing more charming, more artistic with the craftmanship of the stage on tour, nor likely to be. Plays of the literary brilliance of this story of the coming of an unconventional, fresh, young Irish girl to a stilted and exclusive aristocratic circle, with little but its old name to be proud of, are written rarely.
[…] The company, that of Messrs. Macdonald and Young, is different from that seen here on the last occasion, but it is composed of clever people. Miss Ethel O’Shea, who now fulfils the title part, is a real succes in a truly difficult character; her Peg trips up and down the whole key-board of emotions, and is much like an April sky, alternating shine and rain, with an occasional glint of lightning, for Peg has a true Irish temper. Very fortunate are we to have such a second Peg on our stage. Mr. Leslie Howard’s work as Jerry is excellent, but the whole company are distinctly above the average, and all should be named to do them justice. “Peg o’ My Heart” is played at seven to-night and to-morrow (once nightly), and at a 2.30 matinee tomorrow.
(Lincolnshire Echo, November 7, 1916)