Profiles For Today – Leslie Howard Does Not Regret Hamlet

Profiles For Today

Leslie Howard Does Not Regret “Hamlet”
by Talbot Lake

Leslie Howard, the quiet-spoken, likable English actor, is to most Americans the personification of the British. To the English, he is known as “the American actor,” because he has been over here so long and has played in so many American plays and pictures. Actually, he is half Hungarian, one-fourth Russian, one-eighth Scotch, and one-eight English–all of which makes him typically American.
The papers tell us that he wears glasses only when he reads, but we remember one evening, a few years ago, when we sat next to a very pleasant-looking gentleman with horn-rimmed glasses at the Lambs Club, the famed actors’ club in New York, for a whole evening and didn’t know that he was Leslie Howard. Such is the change that glasses make in the human face. Harold Lloyd is never recognized in public, because he doesn’t wear the glasses he affects on the screen.
Leslie Howard, we think, is at his best when he portrays likable characters with gentle personalities. He seems to be that sort of man himself, from all we hear of him. He is one of those people who are instantly liked, and who stay liked. An enviable trait–and a rare one.
He doesn’t look his forty-three years. He is taller than he seems, five feet, ten and a half inches, and weighs more than you would think, one hundred and fifty pounds.
He has a son Ronald, eighteen, who is at Cambridge University, and a daughter Leslie, who also goes to school in England. His wife leaves all the acting to him and attends strictly to family duties.
He wanted to play Hamlet all his life. When he finally played it, he was not a success, but he’s satisfied, because he did have the chance to try the role. He wants to play as many different parts as he can, because he doesn’t want to be “typed” as an actor.
His next role will be the part of Lawrence in a British production based on the life of Lawrence of Arabia. We think that’s a very swell job casting.
(Huntingdon Daily News, PA, September 1, 1937)