P’s and Q’s, 1920

P’s and Q’s

a farce comedy in one act by Annie Nathan Meyer
produced  produced by Grace Griswold and Jessie Bonstelle at the special matinée given by the American Pen Women
at the Morosco Theatre, New York, December 10, 1920

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Jessie Denslow Joan McLean
Harry Barman Geoffrey Kerr
Charley Stark Leslie Howard
Mrs. Denslow Mrs. Thomas Whiffen

Four one-act plays, prize winners in a recent contest conducted by the League of American Pen Women, will be acted at the Morosco Theatre on Friday afternoon next week under the auspices of the local branch of the league. On the program will be “P’s and Q’s,” by Annie Nathan Meyer; “The Door of Miracles,” by Ruth Murray Underhill; “Euphemista,” by Elizabeth Alaiga, and “White Tulips,” by Faith Van Valkenburgh Vilas.
The plays are being produced by Grace Griswold and Jessie Bonstelle, and will be acted by professional casts. Among the players will be Mrs. Whiffen, Geoffrey Kerr, Leslie Howard, George Renavent, Merle Maddern, Joan McLane, James Kemper and William E. Hallman. The receipts will be devoted to the general fund of the league.(New York Times, December 2, 1920)

P's and Q's

Cast page of the Samuel French edition, 1921