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The Man Who Gave a Damn

Regent Street Theatre, London December 17, 2015 – 19:30 Compelling documentary on the life of a great, forgotten star of the 1930’s. For those who only know Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes in… Continue reading

Leslie Howard at the Museum of the City of New York

If you are interested in Leslie Howard’s appearances on the Broadway stages, you will be certainly thrilled, as I was, when doing a simple “Leslie Howard” search in The Museum of the City of New… Continue reading

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? (1936)

Is Dying for Love a Thing of the Past? Is the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” possible to-day? Read the interesting and varied opinions of the artistes cast in this picture by Gladys… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon in “A Minuet” (1935)

On February 14, 1935, Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon played a short play in rhyme, “A Minuet” by Louis N. Parker, included in The Fleischmann’s Yeast Hour radio show, commonly known as The Rudy… Continue reading

The First of the Few – The Tatler, December 24, 1941

“The First of the Few” A Film Tribute to Mr. R. J. Mitchell, the Man Who Designed the Spitfire, Which is Now in Course of Production at Denham With the Two Leslie Howard… Continue reading

On the set of The Lamp Still Burns (1943)

You can read here (Leslie Howard’s Last Film), an article published in Illustrated on June 26, 1943, just a few days after Leslie’s death. The article includes several photos taken on the set, with… Continue reading

Those Mysterious Eyes…

Everyone’s got their own obsessions… Mine happens to be Leslie Howard’s eyes. Everything related to Leslie seems to be surrounded by an aura of mystery, and his beautiful eyes are no exception. Where… Continue reading

Bacall, Bogart and Howard (1994)

An excerpt of Lauren Bacall’s 1994 Fresh Air interview. Gross: Before you ever really experienced love you were acting out the movie version of romance and then you started having the romance with… Continue reading

Leslie Howard by Nikol Schattenstein

Nikol Schattenstein (August 10, 1877 – September 7, 1954) Portrait of Leslie Howard Current Owner: Museum of the City of New York, Theatre Collection (sources: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, New York Art Resources Consortium)… Continue reading

“If I didn’t have a family, I’d have an attic” – Leslie Howard in 1939

Leslie Howard had just signed the contract to play Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind when this article appeared on Motion Picture, a popular movie magazine. The portrait is quite amusing and… Continue reading