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The Secrets of Berkeley Square, 1933

(“Picturegoer”, September 2, 1933) THE SECRETS OF “BERKELEY SQUARE” How London has been created again in Hollywood for Leslie Howard’s new film by the man who made “Cavalcade”. Frank Lloyd passed for a… Continue reading

Associated Artists: Leslie Howard, Hugh Walpole and Dudley Murphy (1936)

News and Gossip of the Week: by the Editor [Herbert Thompson] HOWARD AND WALPOLE GET TOGETHER Leslie Howard, Hugh Walpole and Dudley Murphy Found a New Film Company of Their Own Actor Leslie… Continue reading

The White Eagle, August 1940 – March 1941

The White Eagle is a film produced by Derrick de Marney and directed by Eugene Cekalski. The narrative is written by Val Gielgud. The story is told by Leslie Howard. This documentary was… Continue reading

Ancora su “Out of a Blue Sky”

Alla fine, chi cerca trova: la traduzione italiana della commedia di Hans Chlumberg è saltata fuori: Si recita come si può, 5 quadri, pubblicata su “Il Dramma”, A. 5, n. 78 (1929): 4-21, nella… Continue reading

Leslie Howard and Adrian Brunel

Leslie had a first-class brain and, in spite of his inclination to roam, he had a great concentrative ability. Before he began to direct a scene, we would usually discuss its shape; he… Continue reading

Leslie Howard On and Off Screen, Cinema Museum, London, Sept. 27, 2012

LESLIE HOWARD ON AND OFF SCREEN Thu 27 Sep 2012 @ 19:30 The Cinema Museum 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road) London SE11 4TH Tel.: +44 (0)20 7840 2200 Email: info@cinemamuseum.org.uk Join us for an… Continue reading

Leslie Howard talks about Hollywood and Elstree, 1935

“England has turned out some fine pictures in the last year or so, and will turn out more, I expect, but it can’t compete with Hollywood– not for a long time, and more… Continue reading

Out of a Blue Sky, 1930

Sono molto curiosa di sapere qualcosa di più a proposito di una commedia che Leslie Howard adattò e diresse nel 1930: Out of a Blue Sky, da Das Blaue von Himmel di Hans Chlumberg.  Ecco… Continue reading

The beginning… Biographical records, 1893

It’s a strange feeling. Almost everything is available now, on the Internet. And with time, we have started to think that we really EXIST when we leave a trace of our life somewhere… Continue reading

Signed: Leslie Howard

A tribute to Leslie, my source of inspiration