The Ten Most Attractive Men in Hollywood (1942)

The Ten Most Attractive Men in Hollywood

by Dorothy Kilgallen

A first-fiddle columnist puts in a favorite-male order that will delight all females


Four, Leslie Howard. Any woman with half the customary quota of vitamins gets electricity of the vertebrae just listening to his voice, and when you add the wise, rather tired twinkle in his eyes and his beautiful assurance, the total is terrific.
He has intriguing circles under his orbs and is capable of turning on a special glance that would make Broadway Rose think herself Helen of Troy.
Leslie is cleverer than most cinema heroes because he is versatile in approach and his appeal is successful with an unending variety of types. He could make a dull woman feel clever and I am sure he has caused many a clever woman to pull in her horns. He could make the oldest woman in the world want to waltz and he could make a schoolgirl feel like a vamp on a black satin sofa.
Howard is very suble dynamite. You don’t hear the explosion; you just feel it.


(Photoplay combined with Movie Mirror, November 1942)