Deception, 1913

Deception, play in one act by Leslie H. Steiner [Leslie Howard], produced by amateurs

Stanley Hall, Norwood, London
December 20, 1913

Cast of Characters:

Rutherford F. G. Mitchell
Tollemache F.C. Buser
Wilson Smith Leslie H. Steiner

Scene: The sitting room at Smith’s Private Detective Agency.

A small but enthusiastic audience, mostly friends of the author, gave a cordial welcome to Mr. Leslie Steiner on his appearance before the curtain on Saturday evening, when he took a well-deserved “call” for this little play, which is his first effort. Briefly, the story is as follows: – Tollemache has, during an interval at the Opera, stolen the Duchess of Porchester’s pearl necklace, and immediately goes to Smith’s detective agency to report her Ladyship’s loss, and secure their aid in tracing the thief. Mr. Smith is out, and so Tollemache is interviewed by the partner, Mr. Rutherford. During the interview Rutherford, by a trick, discovers that Tollemache is the thief, and obtains the necklace which he, in turn, means to keep. However, when his chief, Mr. Wilson Smith, comes back he hears the partner’s story, and demands the return of the necklace, promising to overlook and forgive his friend if he will not repeat the offence. While the two are examining the pearls by the light of the fire they discover that they are merely imitation, and that the Duchess did not wear her real pearls on this occasion. Smith calmly takes the faked jewels and drop them into the fire away from further temptation. Although there are many points that require more careful handling, the play, when acted better than it was on this occasion, should find favour in amateur circles. It was well produced under the direction of Mr. H.L. Tracy, whose name is not unknown in theatrical circles. Mr. Steiner’s play was followed by Alfred Sutro’s comedy, The Perplexed Husband, in which capital work was done by Miss Doris Steiner, Miss Lorna Butler and Mr. Leslie Steiner.
(The Stage, December 24, 1913)


Deception, a play by Leslie Howard, 1913

Deception – Stage Year Book 1914

The Stanley Hall today

The Stanley Hall today