Whither the Stars? Leslie Howard (1935)

Whither the Stars? – Leslie Howard

Noel Jaquin who is recognized as one of the world’s experts in hand-reading, has taken some of Filmland’s Great Ones as his subjects. “Hands,” he says, “are tell-tale things,” and here he interprets for you the truth revealed to him by the hands of the Stars.


Leslie Howard is another star who possesses intriguing hands. He began his career as a bank clerk, and after the war he decided on the stage as a more suitable career. He chose very wisely. His fingers are long and very waisted, but with spatulate finger tips, showing originality of thought and a definite inventive faculty.

I should not be surprised if one day Leslie Howard did not blossom forth as an inventor. His hobby is photography, and he is one of Hollywood’s photographic experts. It is said that he has spent a fortune in cameras. If his third finger had not been quite so long, indicating a dominating acting ability, he might have become a scientist and an inventor.

Observe the very long little finger. This betrays literary ability. Howard was the author of Tell Me the Truth, which he produced in 1928. These hands betray a bewildering versatility, but there is also a danger, common to such people, of trying to do too many things. I believe that Leslie Howard will ultimately become a successful producer–or a famous inventor.

Leslie Howard

(Film Pictorial Summer Extra, 1935)