Those Mysterious Eyes…

Everyone’s got their own obsessions… Mine happens to be Leslie Howard’s eyes. Everything related to Leslie seems to be surrounded by an aura of mystery, and his beautiful eyes are no exception.

Where they blue or brown? I’ve not yet solved this riddle.

Here are some contrasting descriptions.

  • ” . . . near-sighted . . . blue eyes . . . blond hair . . . curly . . . slender . . . thinner than the wind . . .” Ray Henderson, “A Comedian Who Would Play ‘Hamlet'”, Theatre Magazine, May 1928
  • “…Leslie Howard is fair-haired with dark brown eyes…” Film Lover’s Annual, 1932
  • “…With an amused twinkle playing hide-and-seek in his very blue eyes…” Elsie Janis, “My charming tenant, Mr. Leslie Howard”, The New Movie Magazine, April 1933
  • “… His hair is entirely gold, but his eyes are brown instead of the expected blue…” Mildred F. Brown, “Leslie Howard Just Folks At Christmas”, Lewiston Evening Journal, December 29, 1934
  • “…And I caught the glint of amusement in those very blue eyes of his…” Patricia Hill, “Leslie Howard’s Triumph”, Film Pictorial, January 12, 1935
  • “…It flickers in his restless blue eyes…” Laura Benham, “Lancelot in Modern Dresses”, Screenland, March 1935
  • “…The dark color of the rims accents the blueness of his eyes, and the blondness of his closely-cropped, curly hair…” B.F. Wilson, “Problems of an Actor’s Private Life”, Screenland, July 1935
  • “…Leslie’s peculiarly alive blue eyes went warm as he recalled that love…” Ben Maddox, “What Leslie Howard Really Thinks of Hollywood”, Screenland, February 1936
  • “…Blond hair, brown eyes. Height 6 ft.” Film Star’s Who’s Who on the Screen, 1936

Most sources say Leslie’s eyes were blue, but other say they were brown. The portraits Granville Eves and other painters made of him aren’t much help, and the old Technicolor shots of Gone With the Wind are hardly reliable.

I’m still looking for THE uncontrovertible answer.

Leslie Howard's Eyes