Shattered Dreams – Leslie Howard in May 1943

A few days ago I added Hubert Cole’s article published on Picturegoer soon after Leslie’s death (Leslie Howard) to this site’s archives.  It is a touching memory of Leslie. I was particularly impressed by Cole’s words about the article he had written a few weeks earlier: “I wrote of Howard’s ambition to make a picture dealing with the future. It’s up to you, Mr. Howard, I wrote in these columns, to help our fighting men and women from becoming disillusioned civilians.”

I have found that article, and now it is available in the archives, too. It speaks of shattered dreams, of projects Leslie Howard left in their “embryonic stage.” He was looking ahead, trying to imagine the future, dreaming his dreams of peace. Once more his violent death seems an absurd and intolerable cruelty to me, like the killing of a nightingale.

It’s Up to You Mr. Howard!

It is always refreshing to talk with Leslie Howard.
We met after a private showing of The Gentle Sex, which he directed with such skill and unerring taste, and we plunged into a discussion on films…

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