Teatrografia – Parte prima – 1916-1924

Quella che pubblico qui è la teatrografia che sto compilando a partire da varie fonti. Per alcuni titoli non si trova alcun riscontro e quindi li indico come titoli puri e semplici. Se qualcuno è in grado di integrare o correggere i dati, meriterà tutti i miei ringraziamenti. Per ogni titolo nella lista, ho citato solo una o due fonti, privilegiando sempre, se possibile, le recensioni de The Times e The New York Times.

La teatrografia è lunga: Leslie Howard ha lavorato molto in teatro, fino al 1936. Questa è la parte della sua vita e della sua carriera artistica che è meno documentata. Ovviamente, dovrei aggiungere: è chiaro che il successo cinematografico ha in gran parte oscurato il suo percorso teatrale, e del resto fu lui stesso ad abbandonare il palcoscenico, dopo l’ultima delusione per lo scarso successo del suo Hamlet. Resta il fatto che c’è molto da approfondire sul periodo inglese della carriera artistica di Leslie Howard.

P.S., 23 agosto 2012 – Ho eliminato dalla teatrografia alcuni titoli dopo aver appurato che esiste un caso di omonimia, con un altro attore di nome Howard Leslie. Per alcuni titoli non sono riuscita a sciogliere il dubbio.



  • Peg O’ My Heart by J. Hartley Manners
    source: Alfred Edward Matthews: Matty: An Autobiography. Hutchinson, 1952, p. 200
  • Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas
    sources: Leslie Ruth Howard; Ronald Howard


  • 7 May
    Hush by Violet Pearn
    Court Theatre, London
    Cast: James Harcourt (James Greville); Inés Cameron (Mrs. Greville); F. Pennington-Gush (Jim Greville); Leslie Howard (Hall Porter); Mary Clare (Julia Laxton); Arthur Phillips (Huntley Brabazon); Dora Gregory (Miss Cording); Gertrude Sterroll (Mrs Allison); Elspeth Dudgeon (Miss Allison); Margaret Yarde (Lizzie); Compton Rickett (Rev. James Allison); Kenneth Kent (Keith Allison); Mary Jerrold (Lucilla); Aileen Wyse (Mrs. Stevens); Norah Balfour (Mrs. Shipley); Helen Langton (Mrs. Flummock); Elinor Foster (Mrs. Warwick); Rose Yule (Mrs. Blatherwick)
    source: Stage Year Book 1918
  • 10 June
    The Tidings Brought to Mary by Paul Claudel
    Directed by Edith Craig
    Strand Theatre, London
    Kathleen Hazel Jones (Violaine); Mona Limerick (Mara); William Stack (Pierre de Craon); Leslie Howard (The Apprentice)
    Source: E. Eforgan
  • Summer-Autumn (touring)
    Under Cover by Roi Cooper Magrue
    Produced by Grossmith and Laurillard
    Cast: Matheson Lang (Steven Denby); Ida Stratham (Ethel Cartwright);  Fred Lewis (Michael Harrington); Leyton Cancellor  (Daniel Taylor);  Jane Grahame  (Nora Ruttledge); Leslie Howard  (Monty Vaughan)
    sources: Hull Daily Mail, August 17, 1917; Aberdeen Journal, November 13, 1917


  • 14 February
    The Freaks by Arthur Wing Pinero
    New Theatre, London
    Cast: Laura Cowie (Rosa Balmano); Isobel Elsom (Sheila); Babs Farren (Julie Maud Pratt); Helen Ferrers (Lady Ball-Jennings); Charles V. France (Rev. Stephen Green); Leslie Howard (Ronald); Fred Kerr (Sir Norton Ball-Jennings);WalterC.Lake(James Eddows); Nigel Playfair (Mr. Edward Waterfield); Irene Rook (Mrs. Berrick); Katie Snow (Thomas Quincy Pratt); Dorothy Stephen (Luff); Ann Walden (Collingridge); Ben Webster (Horatio Tilney)
    sources: The Times, February 15, 1918
  • April 14
    Romanticismo by Gerolamo Rovetta
    Directed by Edith Craig
    King’s Hall, London
    Cast: Saba Raleigh, Ruth Bower, Cowey Wright, Norman V. Norman, Leslie Howard, Martin Lewis, Tom Hosiewood
    Source: The Times, April 15, 1918
  • 1st April
    The Morals of Vanda by A.G. Rhode
    Grand Theatre, Croydon
    Cast: William Stack (Dr. Carlyon); Hazel May (Vanda Mortimer); H.K. Ayliff (Joseph Mortimer); Leslie Howard (Leonard Mortimer); Rupert Stutfield (Elsmere Grant); Walter Raymond (Rev. Robert Checkfield); Lillian Tweed (Elizabeth Checkfield); Benedick Butler (Blinks); Elsie Donalds (Ellen); Gerald Johns (Charles); Helen Colville (Leeson); Julian Gade (First Detective); James Ford (Second Detective); Frances Wetherall (Lady Gruber)
    source: Stage Year Book, 1919
  • 6 May
    Box B by Cosmo Gordon Lennox
    London Coliseum, London
    Cast: Leslie Howard (Capt. Robert Stroud); Elsie Margetson (the Programme Girl); Iris Hoey (Elaine Vevash)
    Source: The Stage, May 9, 1918
  • 3 June
    Sinners by Brandon Fleming
    Prince of Wales’,  Birmingham
    Cast: H.K. Ayliff (Sir Noel Barchester); Dennis Wyndham (John Lynton); Leslie Howard (Robert Ransom); Wilfred E. Payne (James Mountford); Ruth Brook (A Maid); Eva Leonard Boyne ( Marion Barchester); Gertrude Sterroll (Lady Barchester); Margola Rubia (Ruth Carleon)
    source: Stage Year Book, 1919
  • 20 July
    The Title by Arnold Bennett
    Royalty Theatre, London
    Cast: C. Aubrey Smith (Mr. Culver); Leslie Howard (John Culver); Martin Lewis (Tranto); Nigel Playfair (Sampson Straight); Eva Moore (Mrs. Culver); Joyce Carey (Hildegarde Culver); Gertrude Sterroll (Starkey); Archie Varre (Parlourmaid)
    source: The Times, July 22, 1918
Leslie Howard in The Title, 1918

Leslie Howard in The Title, 1918


  • 3 April
    Our Mr. Hepplewhite by Gladys Unger
    Criterion Theatre, London
    Cast: Kate Cutler (Marchesa Di Candia), A. Bromley Davenport (Sir Nicholan Parritt), Violet Graham (Miss Adela Hacks), Leslie Howard (Lord Bagley), Gerald McCarthy (The Hon. Adrian Dalgieish), Mary Merrall (The Hon. Jane Bagley), Dawson Milward (The Earl of Lamberhurst), Mary Moore (Ernestine, Lady Bagley), Meta Pelham (Keturah, Countess of Lamberhurst),  Joan Pereira (Mrs. Appenzell), Arthur Wontner (Mr. Herbert Hepplewhite)
    source: The Times, April 4, 1919
  • November 24
    Just a Wife or Twoadapted from Gerbidon and Armont’s play by Christopher St. John and Anthony L. Ellisproduced by Edith Craig, Stage Manager Arthur Bowers, Music Director H. Crapps
    Brighton, West Pier
    Cast:Leslie Howard (Victor Hamilton), C. Wordley Hulse (Mr. Drage), Alan Stephenson (Henry Woolridge), Jack Verity (Alexander MacKoniche), John Killner (Ronald Lang), A. Broomley Davenport (Gabb), Stanley Killby (Mr. Coote), Arthur Bowers (Alfred), Joan Chaloner (Blanche Drage), Hazel Jones (Janet Drage), Jean Cavendish (Georgie Lemaire), Violet Blythe-Pratt (Lulu), Joan Pereira (Madame Robin), Ruth Evelyn (Gertie Trench), Elsie June (Julia)
    source: The New York Clipper, December 24, 1919; The Stage, November 27, 1919; programme in the papers of Ellen Terry and Edith Craig at the National Trust property, Smallhythe Place, Tenterden, Kent, UK


  • 5 January
    Mr. Pim Passes By by A. A. Milne
    New Theatre, London
    Cast: Ben Webster  (George Marden); Irene Vanbrugh (Olivia); Georgette Cohan (Dinah); Ethel Griffies (Lady Marden); Leslie Howard (Brian Strange); Dion Boucicault (Carraway Pim); Ethel Wellesley  (Anne)
    source: The Times, January 6, 1920
Leslie Howard & Irene Vanbrugh in Mr Pim Passes By

Leslie Howard in Mr. Pim Passes By

  • February 10th
    The Young Person in Pink by Gertrude Jennings
    Prince of Wales Theatre, London
    Cast: Joyce Carey, Leslie Howard, Mabel Terry Lewis, Sydney Fairbrother, Mary Jerrold, Mary Brough, Jean Cadell, Gladys Calthrop
    source: London Daily Mail, February 11, 1920
  • February 16
    Kitty Breaks Loose , a fantastical comedy by Kingston Stack
    Duke of York’s Theatre, London
    Director: J. Allerton
    Cast:  Leslie Howard, 
    Mary Peter, Ethel Newman, Arthur Whitby, Eric Cowley, Helen Hay, Boy Beard, Pete Lade. Barry O’Brine Jr., Theodore Stack
    source: London Daily Mail, February 17, 1920
  • June 9
    East Is West by Samuel Shipman and John B. Hymer
    Lyric Theatre, London
    Cast: Iris Hoey (Ming Toy), George Nash (Charlie Young), Frank E. Petley (Lo Sang Kee), Arthur Hatherton (Hop Toy), Ronald Squire (James Potter), Leslie Howard (Billy Benson), Helen Rous (Mrs. Benson), Julia Hay (Mildred Benson), Frank Wood (Chang Lee), Arthur Cullin (Mr. Andrew Benson)
    source: The Times, June 10, 1920
  • November 1st 
    Just Suppose by A.E. Thomas
    Henry Miller’s Theatre, New York
    Cast: Patricia Collinge (Linda Lee Stafford); Lawrence Eddinger (Hannibal); Leslie Howard (Hon. Sir Calverton Shipley); William J. Keighley (MontgomeryWarren); Fred Kerr (The Marquis of Karnaby); Geoffrey Kerr (George); George Pauncefort (Kingsley Stafford); Mrs. Thomas Whiffen (Mrs. Carter Stafford)
    source: The New York Times, November 2, 1920
Leslie Howard in Just Suppose

Mrs. Whiffen, Leslie Howard and Patricia Collinge in Just Suppose

  • December 10
    P’s and Q’, s a farce comedy in one act by Annie Nathan Meyer
    produced by Grace Griswold and Jessie Bonstelle at the special matinée given by the American Pen Women
    Morosco Theatre, New York
    Joan McLean (Jessie Denslow); Geoffrey Kerr (Harry Barman); Leslie Howard (Charley Stark);  Mrs. Thomas Whiffen (Mrs. Denslow)
    source: The New York Times, December 2, 1920; Samuel French edition of the play, 1921


  • 10 October
    The Wren by Booth Tarkington
    A.L. Erlanger (Producer); George C. Tyler (Producer); Howard Lindsay (Director)
    Gaiety Theatre, New York
    Cast: Marion Abbott (Mrs. Freehart); Pauline Armitage (Mrs. Frazee); George Fawcett (Cap’n Olds); John Flood (Frazee); Helen Hayes  (Seeby); Leslie Howard (Roddy); Sam Reed (Francis)
    source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 11, 1921
  • 22 December
    Danger by Cosmo Hamilton
    produced by Carle Carleton
    39th Street Theatre, New York
    Cast: Marie Goff (Mrs. Scorrier); Ruth Hammond (Elizabeth); Leslie Howard (Percy Sturgess); Stapleton Kent (Albert); Gilda Leary (Mrs. Sturgess); Kathlene MacDonell (Mary Hubbard); Knox Orde (Hon. Algernon Meakin, M. P.); H. B. Warner (John Fitzroy Scorrier)
    source: Variety, January 6, 1921


  • 14 March
    The Truth About Blayds by A.A. Milne
    produced and directed by Winthrop Ames
    Booth Theatre, New York
    Cast: Alexandra Carlisle (Isobel); Gilbert Emery (A. L. Royce); Vane Featherston (Marion Blayds-Conway); Mary Gayley (Parsons); Ferdinand Gottschalk (William Blayds-Conway); O. P. Heggie (Oliver Blayds); Leslie Howard (Oliver Blayds-Conway); Frieda Inescort (Septima Blayds-Conway)
    source: The New York Times, March 15, 1922
Leslie Howard in The Truth About Bladys, 1922

Frieda Inescourt and Leslie Howard in The Truth About Blayds

  • 24 August
    A Serpent’s Tooth by Arthur Richman
    John Golden (Producer); Robert Milton (Director)
    Little Theatre, New York
    Cast: W. Graham Browne (Morgan Trendell); John Clements (A Caterer); Howard Freeman (Bert Boyd); Leslie Howard (Jerry Middleton); Robert Lowe (Percival Faraday); Ann Merrick (Janet Trendell); Anne Sutherland (Mildred Sherwood); Marie Tempest (Alice Middleton); Josephine Williams (Fanny)
    source: The New York Times, August 25, 1922
  • 14 November
    The Romantic Age by A.A. Milne
    Hugh Forth (Producer); Frederick Stanhope (Producer & Director)
    Comedy Theatre, New York
    Cast: Marsh Allen (Mr. Knowle); Daisy Belmore (Mrs. Knowle); Jean Ford (Jane Bagot); Margalo Gillmore (Melisande); Leslie Howard (Gervase Mallory); Paul Jaccia (Ern); J. M. Kerrigan (Master Susan); Neil Martin (Bobby); Ida Molthen (Alice)
    source: The New York Times, November 15, 1922
  • 25 December
    The Lady Cristilinda by Monckton Hoffe
    William H. Harris Jr (Producer); Robert Milton (Director)
    Broadhurst Theatre, New York
    Cast: Frank Arundel (Frederick); Fay Bainter (The Lady Cristilinda); Arthur Barry (The Bishop of Uttoxeter); St. Clair Bayfield (Father Reaney); Henry Burbage (Policeman); Arthur Byron (Christopherson); Haviland Chappell (Harold); Charles Cheltenham (Chauffeur);RoyCochrane (H. S. Tucker, M.P.); J. Malcolm Dunn (The Marquis of Leith); Courtenay Foote (Rapho); Ferdinand Gottschalk (Iky-Mo); LawrenceGrant (Col. Thackeray Martyn); Ethelbert Hales (Lord Llanelly); Leslie Howard (Martini); A. P. Kaye (His Worship, the Mayor of Hammerpool); Thomas Louden (Mr. Inklethorp); Gavin Muir (H.R.H. the Duke of Calshot);  Elizabeth Patterson (Froggy); Eugene Powers (Sir Julius Samoon)
    source: The New York Times, December 26, 1922


  • 20 February
    Anything Might Happen by Edgar Selwyn
    Edgar Selwyn  (Producer & Director)
    Comedy Theatre, New York
    Cast: C. Haviland Chappell (A Doorman; Howard Matthews);FlorenceClarke (Miss Craig); Helen Cromwell (Agnes Farrington); Ruth Findlay (Gladys Barry); Isabel Garrison (Mrs. Barry); Leslie Howard (Hal Turner); Arthur Lubin (A Young Man; A Waiter); Lucia Moore (Mrs. Springer); Montague Rutherford (Weeks); George Le Soir (Maitre D’Hotel); Joan Treffrey (Agnes Farrington); Estelle Winwood (Helen Springer); Roland Young (Richard Keating)
    source: The New York Times, February 21, 1923
  • 21 May
    Aren’t We All? by Frederick Lonsdale
    Charles Dillingham (Producer); Hugh Ford (Director)
    Gaiety Theatre, New York
    Cast: Harry Ashford (Reverend Ernest Lynton); Roberta Beatty (KittyLake); F. Gatenby Bell (Roberts); Denis Gurney (Arthur Wells); Leslie Howard (Hon. William Tatham); Marguerite St. John (Hon. Mrs. Ernest Lynton); Cyril Maude (Lord Grenham); Geoffrey Millar (John Willocks); George Tawde (Morton); AlmaTell (Margot Tatham); Mabel Terry-Lewis (Lady Frinton); Jack Whiting (Martin Steele)
    source: The New York Times, May 22, 1923)
Aren't We All?

Leslie Howard and Roberta Beatty in Aren’t We All?


  • 9 January
    Outward Bound by Sutton Vane
    William H. Harris jr. (Producer)
    Ritz Theatre, New York
    DudleyDigges (Rev. Frank Thomson); Margalo Gillmore (Ann);CharlotteGranville (Mrs. Clivedon-Banks); Leslie Howard (Henry); J. M. Kerrigan (Scrubby); Alfred Lunt (Mr. Prior); Beryl Mercer (Mrs. Midget); Eugene Powers (Mr. Lingley); Lyonel Watts (Rev. William Duke)
    source: The New York Times, January 13, 1924
Leslie Howard in Outward Bound

Leslie Howard in Outward Bound

  • 25 August
    The Werewolf  by Gladys Unger
    George B. McLellan (Producer)
    49th Street Theatre, New York
    Cast: MarionCoakley (Camilla); Laura Hope Crews (Duchess of Capablanca); Gaby Fleury (Nina); Leslie Howard (  (Paolo Moreira); Ruth Mitchell (Caterina); Edwin Nicander (Florencio De Viana);LennoxPawle (Eliphas Leone); Sydney Paxton (The Priest); Vincent Serrano (Vincente)
    source: The New York Times, August 26, 1924